About Us


BrainFit® Studio is a 18 years old company build by the hopes and joys of children and their parents whose lives have changed dramatically through the understanding of how the brain fitness training works. We were founded in 2001 by a group of therapists passionate about unlocking human potential and enhancing lives through brain fitness training. Previously known as “TherapyWorks” and “KidzGrow” and then renamed “BrainFit Studio”, to better represent the work that we do. BrainFit Studio’s initial focus on helping children with learning difficulties has also expanded to help any child, with or without a learning difficulty, accelerate learning with brain fitness.

Most of us understand the importance of physical fitness for good health. Unfortunately, many are less familiar with the importance of brain fitness in determining our ability to pay attention, have good memory, be less careless and more motivated in learning.

Many people think of our brains in 2 ways – either it is normal/smart or abnormal/challenged. Hence when a normal, bright child underperforms in school, we usually attribute it to the laziness or a negative attitude towards learning. That is far from the truth.

Brain fitness is very much like physical fitness. We do not think of people as either fit (competitive sportsman standard) or unfit (complete couch potato). Most of us fall between these two extremes. We may have good running stamina but poor flexibility. We may have strong arm muscles but a flabby tummy. Brain fitness should be understood like physical fitness.

Most of us have brain fitness that lies between normal and abnormal. We may have strong communication skills but poor attention span. We may excel in solving visual problems, yet fail to remember information well. These gaps in brain fitness can create underperformance in learning, which is not a result of laziness or bad attitude.

Recent discoveries from brain research have brought us powerful new insights on the potential of the human brain to learn and improve, at whatever age we may be. This is awesome potential of our brain to make new connections and learn, known as “neuroplasticity” is the basis behind our work here in BrainFit®. Enhancing  and strengthening your child’s brain fitness for learning is perhaps the best gift that you can give to your child. Teach him how to learn and enjoy the process of learning. Trust that you child once give the foundations to explore, acquire and retain information; will crave for more. This is the true meaning and goal of education.

Our Purpose

To enhance and strengthen every child’s brain fitness for learning in our community in accordance to the most recent proven scientific research. 

Our Mission

Through a holistic approach, BrainFit® aims to be the best brain training school in the world. 

Our Vision

As a trusted brain fitness specialist since 2001, BrainFit® aims to transform lives by improving learning capabilities, boosting performances, shaping behaviours and increasing intelligence through high-quality evidence-based neuroscientific cognitive training programmes.

Our Core Values

Acceleration of learning is achieved through teacher having a role as learning and brain coaches.

Cognitive training is heavily emphasised in order to elevate life-long learning capabilities such as memory, attention span and learning speed.

Emotional and social development is explicitly taught and reinforced to raise EQ, possibly more important than IQ in our children's future world.